Elevate your outdoor cooking game with the Muffpots

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Muffpot Cooking Tips

Muffpots are a great way to cook up some food while on the go. You don't need a fancy hat or white coat to cook with it but here are a few tips to help you get started.

[Location] The placement of the muffput will determine the amount of heat transferred to the pot. Generally the closer it is to the engine, the warmer it gets. Pick a preferred spot and mount the muffpot securely on your vehicle with the adjustable hose clamp.

[Preparation] Proper storage and packaging help prevent food leakage and lock in the moisture while cooking. Pack your food in a food grade, heat-resistant plastic bag like the disposable Muffpot Cooker bag or aluminium foil . Have we mentioned effortless clean-up with the cooker bag?

[Cooking time] Cooking time and temperature vary depending on the vehicle, and how long and hard you’ve been riding. We recommend checking the food a couple of times if possible. If you are cooking raw food with the muffpot, make sure it has reached a safe minimum internal temperature before eating.

[Safety] Beware of burn! Use gloves when removing your muffpot or the cooker bag from the muffpot, even if you think you have the mom hands.

Pack your muffpot with all the fixings, from appetizers to desserts, and celebrate every sled ride with a feast fit for a king!

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