Muffpot Meals Ideas

What makes the best fuel on the trail? Here’s a few ideas we got from the motorsports communities:

   - Frozen burritos
   - Pre-cooked sausages, meatballs and potatoes
   - Pre-cooked Mac and cheese
   - Prawn with garlic and butter
   - Sweet and sour chicken with rice
   - Poptarts, chocolate chip cookies, brownies

Yum! The list goes on and we love them all!

May we suggest packing your lunch in the muffpot cooker bags? The cooker bags are made of food grade material, withstand high temperature up to 400°F/200°C.
Designed to fit properly in the Muffpot, the single use cooker bag helps retain the moisture and flavor of your lunch, making sure that every meal you prepare is delicious and mouthwatering.
Pack entree in one cooker bag and dessert in another as no one should say no to a warmed up chocolate chip cookie. Plus…..clean up is a breeze!
  • Heat-resistant (up to 200°℃/400°F.) and BPA free
  • Large bag 7x 10.5 (17.78 cm x 26.67cm)
  • Compatible with all exhaust food warmers such as the original MuffPot.Works well with personal electric lunch cooker as well 
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