This stainless steel pot is changing the way snowmobilers eat on the trails!

The original Muffpot was featured in the SnoRiders West website back in December 10, 2018. 

"Your sled comes to a stop at the top of a mountain. A three-hour ride has brought you to one of the best vistas you’ve ever seen. The sun comes out from behind sparse clouds, causing the snow to sparkle and shine. At the same time, your stomach starts to rumble. What you wouldn’t give for a hot meal. Luckily, you brought along the perfect tool for the job.

The Muffpot is the food warming/cooking industry standard for preparing food on the go. Wherever and whenever you ride, you can easily attach the pot to your engine and cook or warm up your food. The Muffpot, comprised of a pot, lid and clamp, is made from the best Series 300 Food Grade stainless steel. It can withstand continuous use at temperatures over 800 C (1,472 degrees F)...."


Read more about the Muffpot featured in this great SnoRiders article here:

Cook in the forest or on a mountaintop with Muffpot | SnoRiders (

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